Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic Quality


The current scenario calls for a full-proof strategy to improve the organic footfall to their website. Yes, website traffic matters a lot. Knowing the correct way to attract website traffic that will result in lead generation and ultimately conversion takes a lot of understanding. You will indeed come across a lot of articles elucidating the correct ways to drive website traffic. But, in most cases, businesses experience an influx of traffic but zero lead generation and no sales whatsoever.

What will you do with all the information if it doesn’t lead to quality traffic generation for positive results?

No worries, here are a few invaluable tips you can follow to boost web traffic quality for better sales. Note that you can also use various tools to check website traffic online for free

  • Check the bounce rate: In layman’s terms, the bounce rate of a website is said to be high when the visitors visit a webpage, but that’s that, nothing after that, they just leave without acting. Suppose the industry you are operating in has a standard bounce rate of 44%, whereas the bounce rate on your website is 60%; undoubtedly, you have got to act on it and analyze what is happening on your website. You can use web analytics software systems to get a clear picture of why people are not engaging with your site.
  • Check the traffic quality level regularly: Quality is directly related to the website goal. Inbound tracking can help you determine the source of quality traffic. Check the email sign-ups, page views in each session, how many products are added to the cart? Cart abandonment rate (in case of online store), and conversions/or sales. If you have well-defined goals in place, you will witness what does value addition and what doesn’t.
  • Incorporate high-intent keywords: Keywords used for commercial purposes must be targeted. Out of three types of search queries (navigational, informational, and transactional), the transactional type has the highest commercial intent that generates sales. If you plan for PPC ads, structuring those based on commercial intent keywords can yield impressive ROI. Do not leave out navigational and informational entirely. Those are crucial too. But high-commercial-intent keywords are the most vital components that will generate sales.
  • Email marketing with engaging content: Plain email marketing, just for the sake of it: will not take you anywhere. Email that has substance in it, and content that your customers can easily engage with because it talks about their interest, will yield positive results. You can ask your visitors to fill out a sign-up form. This way, you will understand who likes what. It will help you cater to the needs of the people, and you will be able to personalize content accordingly. Developing content that aims at knowledge sharing is more helpful than pushing straightforward sales-related content. A subscription-based email list will help you focus on the customers who want to purchase the products or services that you offer. Customer segmentation based on customers’ interests is vital. You can also try the gamification method for people who are too reluctant to act. A gentle reminder that they can buy the product/service to them does no harm!
  • Retargeting is powerful: Connecting with prospects who are almost there (about to make the purchase) is a great way to ensure better sales. You can have the interested clients back through retargeting. Yes, spending on SEO, PPC ads, content marketing is a great way to have new customers but working on old customers who are halfway through the sales funnel can skyrocket the sales and positively affect revenue generation.
  • Influencer marketing to enhance brand awareness: Affiliate marketing can help you achieve the desired sales results. In affiliate marketing, you basically pay an influencer who promotes your products or services. They share the custom URLs and discount codes to help you market your products or services. Giveaways and contests are incredible ways to increase customer engagement with the brand. The best part is people have faith in influencers. If they market a product saying it is really effective, the audiences try the product or service at least once.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also work on your ad quality score, make use of native advertising, and stop wasting time on channels unfit for your requirement to improve the quality of web traffic. The business goal is vital. Hence, do not see the numbers. Instead, focus on the quality and regulate the strategies to your advantage. Top-quality web traffic generation is no rocket science. You’ve got this!

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