Using Vaping to Ease Pain


It may now be possible to ease the suffering of patients of many different illnesses using vaping as a delivery system for CBD oil. You might already be a vaper; if so, then it is relatively easy to substitute your regular e-liquid for one containing CBD. If not, then you’ll need some information to allow you to make an informed decision on whether to try CBD.

What Is CBD Oil?

The primary component is CBD or its full name Cannabidiol; it is one of over one hundred chemicals found in the host cannabis plant; unlike the host, it contains very little of the primary psychoactive compound, which is called THC. CBD is legal in the UK as long as the THC content level is less than 0.3%, the legally can differ, so please check where you live. Once extracted, the CBD is added to a plant oil like coconut or palm oil to form the CBD oil you can buy over the counter.

CBD Oil & Vaping

There are many different products in which CBD oil is an ingredient; one of these is a CBD vape liquid stocked by most good vaping suppliers. Available in many great tasting flavours, it is essentially a regular e-liquid with a range of different strengths of CBD oil combined to form CBD e-liquid. If you are already vaping, then it may well be the best and easiest route to trying CBD; the recommendation is that you start with a relatively low strength oil and progress upwards if you are finding benefit in using CBD.

Who Can Benefit?

The amount of information regarding the uses and possible benefits of using CBD oil in its various forms is continually increasing as case studies investigate the effects on numerous different illnesses and diseases. What has become apparent is that patients are receiving relief from its use; these include –

  • Chronic pain and Arthritis
  • Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Mental health disorders such as PTSD and depression
  • Bipolar and Parkinson’s disease
  • Cancer-related symptoms
  • High blood pressure

This list is by no means the only illnesses that can be alleviated by using CBD oil; there is plenty of helpful information available to access online; take some time to investigate the results of studies and trials further.

Other Forms of CBD Oil Products

If you are not already using vaping as a replacement for nicotine, you may want to explore other means of taking CBD oil, and there are various products available to explore. When taken as an oral tincture, CBD oil is most easily absorbed by the body when placed under the tongue. It absorbs into the bloodstream faster than using CBD in one of the many edible offerings such as gummies, sweets, or capsules, although all these are other options you may choose to use.

Usage Levels

As with any new remedy or herbal-based medicine, starting with a relatively small dose is always a good idea; there is the possibility to increase the dosage at your leisure. CBD vape oils are available in various strengths to allow you to practice this method.

There we have it, the basic facts about using CBD oil and its many forms; I hope you or someone you know can get some relief from their illness using CBD oil; if that’s the case, then this short piece has done its job.

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