Resume Templates: Easy Way to Professional Looking Resumes


Resume templates are pre-formatted documents with all the necessary details required in a resume, which can be edited to fill in your details. A good template gives you a well-formatted, beautifully aligned document, the one that can save a lot of time as well.

Templates are a great way to make your resumes look interesting, instead of those good old boring ones. Various sites offer them.

What Content Should be Added to Your Resume?

The right resume should include your following details:

  • Resume Summary: This is the opening statement in a resume, about who you are and why you need this particular job.
  • Skills and Abilities: The skills you showcase in your resume must be relevant for the work you are applying to. It is better not to keep it too short.
  • Personal Competence: This is normally added if you don’t have any previous work experiences. You can expose your attributes like honesty, hard-working, etc.
  • Educational Qualification: The highest level of your education is to be added here. You can add your academic achievements as well.
  • Employment History: Always provide your latest employment and then backward. If you don’t have any work experience, you can add internships and volunteer work.
  • Contact Details: This should include your name, email address, and your contact number.

Where to Find Resume Templates?

Resume templates are available in cloud-based and client-server applications like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc. You can save the ones you like for later use as well.  After all, if you want more options, numerous sites offer free templates that you can make use of.

You can also design templates according to your likes and preferences if you design using the aforementioned applications.

Benefits of Using Resume Templates

  • Pre-designed layout: Templates give you a not too cluttered, organized format and layout that helps create a first impression.
  • Professional-looking designs: Designing a resume requires artistic skills. It is not that easy to design a professional-looking resume for all. So templates are a great blessing.
  • Easy Customization: Templates are designed in a format where anyone can easily customize the details according to their personal preferences.
  • Aesthetic quality: Since designers make most of the templates, it looks interesting and professional at the same time.
  • Saves time: Sometimes, creating a resume can take a lot of time. Templates save time to design interesting-looking resumes.

Resume templates are perfect if you want an effective resume in no time. But it is important to select the one that applies to the job you’re applying to. The right template can transform your resume into a professional-looking, organized, and aesthetically pleasing one. Make sure you enter your details properly so that the chances of getting hired will be high. One can easily find plenty of online websites which offer thousands of Resume templates with unique designs, such that they can complement the need of a large audience. One just needs to search the web to be able to access these free templates.

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