Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2 has its very own ranking system just like any other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. These rankings put all players in their respective tiers depending on their calibrated matchmaking rating. MMR will be determined by a lot of factors stipulated by Valve based on player’s recent matches. Calibration will be finished and ranks will be provided once the player completes the required 10 matches.

Ranks determine ones skills so the higher the rank means the player is good. High ranks are important to every gamer especially to those who are making online games a source of living. Thus, professional gamers would always want to be updated in every patch to be able to adjust their gamestyle. Metagame changes over time so it is very important for them to study every modification and to understand how these changes work.

Advantages of having a high rank

Matchmaking rank gives players a lot of advantages especially when you receive a top tier medal. This means that you are one of the best in the game. Major advantages of having a high MMR are:

  • It will boost player’s morale. Every high ranked players are regarded with great respect in the game. They are most likely to be followed by players below their tiers.
  • It gives a lot of opportunities to become a professional player. This has been the biggest dream of every gamer worldwide, i.e., to become a professional gamer. Most of professional teams pick their rosters thru player rank so the higher the rank the more chances of getting a sponsorship.
  • It allows players to gain profit out of playing. There are a lot of conducted tournaments locally and internationally in DotA 2. This game has actually the highest prize pool in the international tournaments which attracts more players and teams.

With the said advantages, a lot of players would want to achieve a high rank to experience its benefits. Thus, most of them seek for a help from a dota 2 booster to help them achieve their goals.

Downsides of MMR boosting

Although there are a lot of positive things MMR boosting gives, disadvantages are still inevitable just like any other things. Some of the cons in achieving high ranks are:

  • It will create a mismatch in skills. When you allow MMR boosting, your current rank will increase rapidly. Thus, you will be having a hard time in adjusting your gameplay since it is not your tier.
  • It can destroy your team’s gameplay. Dota is played as a team therefore every player’s performance matters. Individual gameplay would really have a huge effect on the team’s winning chance that is why if there is one player who has a low-skill joining a top-tier team then it probably would result to an early GG.
  • It can be costly because you need to pay for every MMR bracket gained. However, most services are affordable.

These downsides can anyhow be eluded. You just need to practice more in order to enhance your skills and gameplay.

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