Canadian Wire Manufacturer


Sycor Technology is a Canadian wire manufacturer that has been offering its clients high-quality wire, cable and related products since it was established in 1981. Its manufacturing centre is a 40,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, and this is also where its products are shipped from to its clientele, which is not only located across Canada but throughout the world.

Automated Requirements

As a wire and cable manufacturer, Sycor has accumulated a vast amount of experience manufacturing those products for a variety of industries. These include ones such as military and aerospace, transit and automotive, robotics and solar energy. In fact, the demands of clients who work with automated robotics can be significant as those products need to be able to handle harsh conditions and continuous, oftentimes identical, movements. Sycor’s products do.

12-Month Blanket Purchase Order

Many who take advantage of what this Canadian wire manufacturer has to offer also take advantage of its 12-month blanket purchase order. In doing so, they are assured of those products remaining at a fixed price throughout the agreed-upon term, and they can also utilize Sycor’s storage facility before they are needed. The latter benefit can be a significant one for those with minimal storage space of their own.

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