5 Mistakes to Avoid While Installing Security Cameras


While ensuring that you choose the best cameras for your surveillance needs, you need to keep various aspects in mind. You must not forget to ensure that the camera is free from any defect that could make it prone to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Apart from this, care needs to be taken while installing the camera. Certain mistakes must be avoided to get the best coverage benefits:

Not Planning the Surveillance System

Before you start installing the cameras, you should clearly plan out the areas that you wish to cover. The number of cameras will depend on that and can be optimized with proper planning. Taking expert advice can help you with better designing and can help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Not Positioning the Cameras Optimally

Placing cameras in corners can lead to blind spots and should be avoided. Before fixing the positions, a line of vision test should be conducted to ensure that nothing blocks the view of the camera. The effect of sunlight and glare should also be taken into account. Often people try to position the cameras at a height to avoid vandalism, but positioning it too high could lead to poor quality imaging.

Not Choosing Cameras with the Latest Technology

Using the latest technologies may cost you a little more, but in the long run it saves you money on operational cost and maintenance charges, all the while getting you much better performance and access to advanced features.

Not Considering the Storage Requirements for Your System

If you do not pay attention to managing your footage and the storage requirements, you could frequently end up with an overloaded system and deteriorated service. It is required that you have enough storage space either on your device or on the cloud. You will also need to have backups in case the hard drive gets damaged.

Not Securing Your System before Getting It Operational

As most systems are linked to the internet these days, they are prone to hacking. You must secure the system before you make it functional. If you chose to delay it, the cyber criminals could have access to your home in no time. You will need to set up strong passwords and use the security features that are inbuilt with your camera.

Choosing a good camera is not enough as there is a lot more to be taken care of in order to get the best security for your money. If you take care of the above points, you will be saving yourself from emotional as well as financial stress.

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