Why do you require a safety management system?


Many corporations work on a mission to propose ultimate workplace safety and they have recognized it as an effective and logical way for providing an improved working surrounding for both employees and cutting down corporate costs. A vital element in safety management is considered the software system that is used for recording, analyzing, and managing safety-related data. The safety team with the help of an effective safety management system can see where unsafe situations are happening. This does help them in taking some proactive steps for eliminating them. The safety systems must not standardize the safety operations of a company but encourage accountability all through the safety investigation process.

The grouping of safety management apps

A safety management app leverages a user’s local information for responding to some situations of danger. Some features of the apps are grouped as under:

  • Tracking upon alert – The users can alert one or more than one party when they find themselves in a highly dangerous situation. Commonly, the information that is sent happens to be the user’s location. In a few apps, this information gets supplied with video or audio recordings that are taken at the time of the alert. At times, some additional information too is added.
  • Non-stop tracking – The location information of the users gets tracked in real-time through one or more than one party whom the users choose. This kind comprises a highly prevalent feature that is known as “walk with me”. This is combined in a few Google apps too. This permits a remote contact for tracking the location of the user for a particular distance.
  • Heatmaps – In this feature, the users are alerted when a specific area seems unsafe. This determination is made based on crowdsourced data for particular categories.
  • Geofencing – The users select an area given on a map within which they should stay. When they get out of this place, an alert is triggered.

Testing safety management apps

  • Examine well – When you decide to use an app for managing your safety you need to check whether or not the app does what you require it to do. For instance, a few personal safety apps do share people’s location with their selected trusted contacts or the authorities. However, some apps do not share the location info. How an app shares the location data is dependent on many factors, like the kind of mobile device you are using, your phone’s setting, and where you are located.
  • Remain cautious of monitoring – At times, abusers monitor the activities of mobiles either remotely or physically. And if you think that an abuser has installed a monitoring software then remote monitoring will permit him to see every activity that goes on your phone. In this case, you need to trust your instincts.
  • Form a plan besides using the app – Though a safety management app is hugely helpful it fails to control an abusive person’s behavior. So, it is important to plan your safety in different ways. When you use an app with your family and friends then you must discuss with them what you intend to do with it.

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