What are the features of an influencer’s account on Instagram?


You would have heard the term influencer when it comes to social media. He is the person with an account full of followers, engagements, and many things. He will be supporting a lot of businesses to grow by promoting their services through his account. If he is posting a content today, it will reach millions of people within tomorrow. But these influencers are not superheroes. Anyone can become an influencer once he attains the required number of followers (no set rule). If you wish to become an influencer, you can do so by acquiring all the elements and features that will be there in an influencer’s account. In this article, let us discuss the features of an Instagram influencer’s account in brief.

Numbers on screen

Followers – Once a business person visits your profile to see whether you will be a right fit for promoting them online, they will see the number of followers you have on your profile. If the number is less, you will not get a sponsorship opportunity. The first and vital feature or necessity for an influencer’s account is the number of followers. You can accumulate these followers through time with constant work of uploading quality content. There is an alternative way for this where you will be buying Instagram followers. Either way, the number of followers will increase on your account and your posts will reach thousands. Now, you can show your account to the businesses out there searching for a promotion partner.

Likes and comments – You would have heard the word engagement in various occasions online. It is the process by which your followers and other users who get to see your posts react to them.  If your posts are likeable, they will get more likes from your visitors. Debatable posts will get more comments where people will be debating on the fact you say. So, you can show these two engagement factors as your strength of influencing the Instagram users to your business clients. If the numbers are good, you will get promotional offers.

Relevance with your niche

Another feature of an influencer’s account will be the relevance to his niche. If he is a fashion influencer, all his posts will reflect the industry. He will not post anything irrelevant. If he does so, some of his fans and followers may think that he has deviated from their favourite niche and move on to another fashion account. Hence, you should not move on to a niche that is far away from your own.


It may be a necessity for you to post regularly without any delays. But you should not show any reduction in the quality of your work. Every post of yours should be with the same standard and quality. If consistency reduces your quality, you may lose some followers. An efficient influencer’s account will always get updated with high quality content. You should make sure that you are providing quality with engagement factors.

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