Tips to choose a suitable domain name for your business


“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare had said. And it stands true, well for some aspects of your life. Literature fan or not, you are allowed to spend a little time naming your baby and choose from the first three-four names that pop in your mind, but not when it comes to your digital baby though.

Two or more babies of the same name are allowed in your family tree but with your business domain. It truly needs to be unique and easy enough to remember. No repeated names and complications are allowed.

For you to have a perfect domain name for your business is of utmost importance. Generally, you will want a name that is easy to understand, remember, and type. So, avoid long or overly complicated words in your domain.

By following the below guidelines you can easily decide your business domain name before you buy domain and hosting.

So, let’s get started.

  • Choose your top-level domain carefully

.com, .in, .org, or something else, which top-level domain you should choose? Well, you must have guessed, a top-level domain (TLD) is what comes after your website name. Choosing your TLD carefully is as important as choosing your website name.

Well, most people go after the .com extension, and rightly so as it has been around for the longest and is the most popular domain extension. But if your website is already taken the alternatives will work as well.

Before you buy hosting you can check for the available options with your domain and hosting provider.

  • Choose unique and brandable

Unique domain names help you stand out in the crowd and save you from legal trouble. Make your domain name brandable and it will also contribute to your marketing efforts.

  • Incorporate keywords

What your business is all about it? Is it a construction business, fashion, interior, gardening, restaurant, music band, manufacturing company, packers and movers, or something else?

When brainstorming a domain name start by searching for the keyword relevant to your business niche and offerings.

  • Pick a flexible domain name

Although being niche-specific to attract the right audience is important, you shouldn’t be too specific with the domain name that it will leave no room for growth.

For example, “photo shutter” is a good name for your photography blog but if you decide to write about other art forms in the future you will be stuck with an irrelevant domain name.

So, before you buy domain and hosting, make sure your chosen domain name will be relevant to the topics you want to cover.

Whether you go for your own name, choose a keyword-rich domain name, or a blend of two words from the same or different languages, make sure the domain name is easy to pronounce and spell. Even in the era of digital marketing, word-of-mouth works as a powerful marketing tool for small businesses.

Price also matters when finalizing the domain name. For better price deals consider the best hosting in India.

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