The speed test.

When it comes to downloading speed on Mac, the install VPN and you will realize it slows down about 15 percent opposed to 62 percent on my Windows computer, which is a little rough.

And the upload speed, the computers are more closely aligned.

With MacBook Air, there is a decrease in upload speed of about 17 percent and only about 25 percent on the Asus VivoBook.


It is also recognized as latency.

This is the one feature that the Windows computer beat the Mac. It only increases to 15 milliseconds with the VPN compared to 14 without the VPN. On the Mac, the latency goes from 14 milliseconds to 16 milliseconds or a difference of about 14 percent.

Overall, both computers worked amazingly well when it comes to speed test. The Mac was, overall, faster.

The DNS leak test.

DNS or Domain Name Server shows what happens when you go to a website like There’s an underlying IP address there.

The primary concern is to keep that in your private tunnel and the information protected from leaking out.

Fortunately, IPVanish is the best for this feature.

WebRTC leak test

The Web Real-Time Communication, which is essentially when two devices or computers are linked directly together for things like exchanging large files, video chatting, or live streaming, while still maintaining that privacy.

Fortunately, for WebRTC leaks, IPVanish offers a recommendable option.

IPVanish is founded in the United States, and it’s a part of various international surveillance alliances.

The subscription options for IPVanish.

There are three options.If you want to do one month, it’s $10.If you want to do three months, it’s $26.99 or $8.99 a month.The most affordable option is signing up for a year, which is $79.99 or $ 6.49 a month.

With any of these choices, you have a seven-day money-back guarantee.If it does not meet your expectations, Money is returned within the first week of subscription.

Customer support Service by IPVanish.

IPVanish goes a little bit over and above when it comes to customersupport options.

They have an online Help Center with FAQs and tutorials to help guide clients through any issues you may have with their VPN.Also, they have email support, phone support, and a great live chat feature.

With that live chat feature, has an option of query queue, which allows you to knowwhere you are in line to have a real human being answer your question. They respond at the shortest time possible.

They have seemingly an evident positive trajectory when it comes to their customersupport.

The IPVanish mobile applications.

IPVanish can be used on Linux, Chromebooks, Windows, and Macs.In the Google Play Store, it has a high rating.In the App Store, People seem to enjoy their experiences on their mobile devices.

 Good VPN installed in your firework stick will enable the user search and work online with the information is encrypted for their safety.

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