Reply for agencies: looking for new clients in a new way – important trends


The most important task of any marketing department of a company, and in small business – the entrepreneur himself – is to find new customers. Marketers specify – it is desirable not just to sell, but also to engage in lead generation, to form a stable relationship with the client and then promote the product or service further with the baggage of interaction with the buyer/customer. Such a term as “lead generation” now is not without its companions – “automation” and “services”. And indeed, marketers are increasingly coming to automated systems of search and lead generation:

– creating conditions and really attracting users to the resources of the company;

– developing an interest in the purchase of goods/services;

– formation of potential customers, regular and reliable buyers.

Working with lead generation manually, that is, using analogue technology, relying on disparate data and databases is quite possible that such lead generation is rather available and justified for small or just starting business, where the audience of potential buyers has already been formed or it is accurately enough calculated in advance.

In case the company is developing, it should speed up the movement forward. And switch to various auxiliary resources and services. Read more about how automated lead generation works and how you can generate a new volume of customers at There are also tips and suggestions on how to get good results with a minimum of effort and get involved in the process of lead generation now, to implement an active campaign to attract customers.

New trends in lead generation: powerful integration and other innovations

Service developers are offering cross-platform and multitasking software tools to create platforms with shared databases and management from a single center. This means they can free the computer system serving the company from repetitive calculations and work in the same direction. And that means dramatically increasing the efficiency of search and offerings.

 Interactive, contextual, and auto-generated conversations are actively moving trends in lead generation. Artificial intelligence is actively being incorporated into products and getting previously impossible for standard automation, results. Above all, in terms of accuracy, reliability, and rhythmic data processing.

By the way, robots don’t take days off, they can work overtime and perform routine operations on mailings, calls, order processing 24/7 and across all time zones. And this is clearly an opportunity to switch marketers to creating concepts and promoting complex products with high value than processing application data.

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