Latest Google Update Rolling Out In June 2021: Page Experience Algorithm


Google updates always bring obstacles and opportunities for web owners. Now, the next update is just about there in mid-June. This is known as Page Experience Algorithm Update. As the name depicts, it’s all about enhancing user experience, whether it is about page loading, site security, or mobile-friendliness feature. Like with each major adjustment made by Google in its search algorithm, many sites may rank up. However many sites may lose their top ranking. So prepare your site for the Google Page Experience Update in June 2021.

Five Signals of Page Experience Ranking Factor

  1. Core Web Vitals – it includes three new performance measurement parameters that concentrate on how performance is linked to user experience. here they are:
  2. Mobile-friendly – the site design should be mobile friendly, otherwise, it will be flagged ‘red’ by Google.
  3. Safe Surfing – If your website has any problems with viruses, hazardous downloads, disappointing content like phishing, or other comparable problems, it will get a red flag from Google Search Console.
  4. Use of HTTPS – the SSL Certificate must be on your website.
  5. No intrusive interstitials on mobile

How will Google monitor the website for page experience score?

Google also has mentioned the Page Experience Report in its blog. It combines the five signals with the Core Web Vitals. You will soon get an overview of how your site works towards the new classification criteria.

How to optimize your website for an upcoming update?

After you understand what the latest Google SEO factors are and how Google analyses / evaluates them, let us learn how to increase your WordPress page experiences signals for June 2021, and to prepare your site for success.

A few of the new Page Experience indicators are binary options so you do not necessarily “improve,” but you do not violate them.

SSL certification – Your website must have an SSL certificate or HTTPS. You also need to apply our HTTPS Performance Improvement and Problem Detection Instructions.

No interstitial features: Do not display annoying pop-ups to Google’s visitors. More instances of issue popup and examples of popup that Google does not agree with are intrusive that is shown in this post.

To enhance your website user experience signal for the Core web vitals page, you generally have to focus on optimizing page performance. Developing a light, optimized website can help you boost Google ranking and experience.

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