How to Protect your Company from Data Breaches?


Want to prevent hacking in your corporation? Here are our top tips on finding cyber security experts as we move through 2022.

Cyber security is an essential part of business, which is interesting considering we hadn’t heard of it in 1990. In less than three decades, online security has gone from being non-existent to being the redeeming quality for many a company. Without secure online systems, you could find yourself worse off. Your company could be out of pocket to the tune of millions of pounds if you ignore your secure online systems… Just look at what happened to Cambridge-Analytica.

We investigated what a cyber security breach is and how much it could cost your company. Next, we will look at how you can fight back against cybercrime in your own firm.

What’s so Bad about a Data Breach?

The average data breach now costs companies about $3.83 million USD. The bigger the company, the harder they will fall. Data breaches in cybersecurity of corporations are at an all time high, and that’s scary. The more customer data we have online, the more chance there is of a breach. The more breaches we have, the more that global cost average increases. The more it increases, the more our reliance on cyber security experts deepens. Cyber security analysts and experts are the one line of defence we have in an ever-growing black hole of money.

When we look closely at data breach costs, we need to take the reputation of your firm into account, too. Once you have been hacked, the next customer who comes to you will think twice about investing in you. They will likely take their business elsewhere because of all your negative publicity. All of this is a costly enterprise compared to simply hiring someone to protect your cyber security systems in the first place.

What Companies Can Do About Data Breaches?

The most obvious thing to do about a data breach is to prevent it from happening to begin with. To do this, simply hire a cyber security expert online. There are multiple cyber security jobs at Hays Technology. You can advertise for a position in your firm here, or you can decide to hire someone by browsing their CVs. This is a great service for both employers and for those looking for work, since it allows you to upload your CV and be headhunted from a singular location.

Asides from hiring someone to prevent data breaches, you may need to do some cleaning up after they occur. Having a plan in place will help you to strategize the best ways out of your predicament before it happens. We therefore recommend that all companies devise a plan for when that happens. A strategy might include nomination of a spokesperson, social media management strategies, and policies regarding who can say what and to whom. Those companies with a strategy for managing data breaches perform far better in bouncing back than those who do not.

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