Are there quality issueswith IPTV


Traditional satellite/dish/cable TV subscribers have always faced signal issues or signal outages etc. Many viewers are unable to get subscription of their preferred cable or satellite TV companies because the orientation of satellite etc is unable to give satellite to dish TV connection. Many a time the satellite to dish signal is disturbed because of the height of neighboring skyscraper, building etc.

IPTV viewers donot face any such issues like satellite to dish orientation etc., as they can have wired or wireless connection at their homes irrespective of skyscrapers in their neighborhood.

The weather, like cloudy days or rainy days, does affect the quality of signal with satellite/dish/cable TV systems. The quality of signal with satellite/cable/dish TV systems is severely impacted with inclement climatic conditions. This condition accentuates in geographical locations having long spells of inclement weather.

IPTV viewers can have uninterrupted IPTV streaming contents if they have high speed internet connection. Internet connection generally does not get interrupted because of inclement weather conditions. Viewers may have to switch from wireless to wired Internet connection to have high quality IPTV streaming.

Traditional satellite/dish TV connections are badly interrupted during inclement weather. There are signal blackouts because of climatic and weather conditions but IPTV viewers donot experience any such things with the Internet. Since the Internet connection and speed are not impacted by the weather and climatic conditions, hence IPTV streams using Internet are unaffected by it. The viewers can experience high quality TV viewing with IPTV systems during weather extremes as well.

Why IPTV viewership is increasing

IPTV providers can deliver high quality TV viewing to the viewers of crowded metro cities and hinterlands if the viewers have high speed wired or wireless Internet connections. This unique feature has become great advantage for viewers across metro cities and hinterlands alike.

The viewers of crowded cities having skyscrapers in immediate neighborhood can have equally high quality IPTV viewing irrespective of their neighborhood buildings etc. Similarly hinterland and countryside viewers can have equally high quality TV viewing irrespective of weather and climatic conditions.

High quality signal and no signal outage havesignificantly promoted IPTV viewership and it has changed the IPTVviewership landscape.The viewers residing in geographical locations which are prone to inclement weather prefer this technology. This technology has overcome the challenges faced by satellite/dish TV systems because of inclement weather. Now, the viewers can comfortably watch IPTV even during inclement weather conditions.

This technology allows viewers to watch IPTV with minimum additional dedicated devices which are prone to give troubles during long spells of adverse weather. Minimum use of additional dedicated devices and incessant support of high speed Internet make IPTV very viable and popular solution for viewers living under this type of climatic conditions.

This has increased the wide acceptance of IPTV among viewers residing in different geographical locations. This has come as a technology solution/pack which can work equally efficiently under various geographical and climatic conditions. The portability of IPTV has become very handy for the viewers as they can use the same account in different geographical locations.

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